SQL Account Software - SQL Account Singapore

SQL Service

SQL Service has all the time saving tools you need to grow your business, organizes your finances intelligently in one place and provide real time business reports.

Goods & Services Tax

Prepare your report for GST submission in just one click

Project Profit & Loss

Monitor your project cost and progress claim with SQL project costing module. Ensure your project cost run within the estimation cost

Send invoice, track purchase and get paid in different currencies include cross currency. All currency will be converted into home currency and calculate the exchange gain and loss in real time

Export Documents To MS Office
Get more flexible presentation of your invoice, delivery order, and purchase order with the export documents to excel or word features.

SQL Stock

Get your stock value single or multi-location real time, manage your cost in FIFO or Weighted Average and know your most profitable items.

Landing Cost

Calculate the product cost accurately with Landing Cost. Choose your costing FIFO or weighted average.


This feature allows single item purchase, stored and sold in multiple locations. Monitor stock levels for easy identification of available inventory.

Price Level

Set your product in different pricing and monitor the price movement. With the date validity functions, system automatically assigns item price by customers and date.

Profit Estimator

Find out each invoice profit with Profit Estimator.

SQL Production

Manage your productions from purchase of material, assembly and sell the finish good. Trace your product warranty and expiry date for better stock management.

Bill of Materials

Process your bill materials from beginning to the end. With no limits of components and flexibility in changing of components.

Serial Number

Track your product serial number from purchase or manufacturer them to sell. Expend your inventory management extend to track the item warranty.

Stock Batch

Track your purchase and production with batch functions. Trace your product expiry date.

Item Template

Give more options to selling of your products with set of package.

Service (Multi-Currency)

Maintain transactions in multi-currency and system will calculate exchange gain/loss accordingly.


Stock (Multiple Price Tag)

Set your product price for different customer and track it with validity date.


Production (Batch Number)

Track your production batch with expiry date.